Yesterday we launched Wave One of the XIO Dapp Private Beta. Let’s take a walk and talk about our biggest takeaways so far.

The number one takeaway has been front-end UX complexities. It is simply too noisy right now. We 100% agree and feel it may be best to separate the Dapp into the two separate value props of $XIO: Public vs. Private Portals).

For more context on the difference of these:

Public Portals are powered by Uniswap pools. Any token that has a pool on Uniswap can be earned with Public portals. The main benefit or Public Portals is they are simple and straight forward for users. All interest is earned 100% upfront and immediately. This may be best for beginners who don’t want a lot of options.

Private Portals are powered by blockchain startups. Any project can create a private portal and earn capital. The main benefit of Private Portals is customization options like whitelisting, unique interest rates, and vested payouts. More complex and similar to #YieldFarming for users.

To help delineate these Dapps, we may or may not have acquired the following twitter handle and domain names 🤯

Twitter: @Flashstake


The second obstacle was slippage. Since we are currently using Rinkeby testnet, slippage is even more magnified. We increased the acceptable slippage and any failed transactions began to work pretty much 100% of the time.

In addition to a front-end slippage slider, we know that managing user expectations is critical. To help this, instead of showing *expected* rewards, we are experimenting with showing the user the minimum rewards.

Minimum = Expected – Slippage Potential

A few of the other features that have received mixed reviews 👇

In the previous Dapp, when you staked your rewards were sent directly to your wallet. In the current Beta, rewards are kept in the smart contract until you withdraw. This was meant to save users on gas. That said, it may be best to give users the option of where rewards go.

Another item is the Early Withdraw function. In other words, if you don’t want to wait your entire Stake Duration, you can withdraw and burn tokens. Beta testers liked the concept but didn’t like how it was worded and explained on the front-end. Still playing with this.

Overall, we need more readable fonts. Easy fix but really important. Also, need to get more consistent on colors. We want green to only be used when we want user to take an action.

There are many other items but these are the core items we are focused on. Wave two opening is on pace for mid-August.

For #XIOSocial, leave a relevant question or comment on the topic. Would love to get your feedback and input. Bonus question: Which domain should we use?