We launch experimental tokens into the decentralized world.

Token Studio.

From logo to launch, we build experimental tokens with our community. For providing feedback, liquidity, and positive vibes – we give away our tokens to XIO Citizens.


Our Model.

Our tokens are built to solve for X, the undiscovered opportunities yet to be found in the decentralized world. To help us accomplish our mission, we follow these four steps.

Step One Explore.

Is this an idea worth exploring? Does it give us goosebumps to think about? Has anyone done this before or are we just reinventing the wheel? Does this have the chance to make an impact on the world? If no, we don’t explore it. If yes, we start building immediately.

Step Two Build.

If we believe the idea is worth exploring, our first step is to build a Minimal Viable Token. In other words, what is the simplest token architecture and application we can build to test the viability of the idea? XIO is built on rapid prototyping and interaction. If it takes more than three months, we don’t build it.

Step Three Launch.

After we explore the idea and we built the MVT, we need to launch it and test the demand for the solution. On launch day, we create a $50,000+ liquidity pool using $XIO and give the newly created tokens away for free to our XIO Citizens.

Step Four Scale.

If there is clear evidence that the product has no interest, we stop building entirely. If there is, however, evidence that the idea is gaining interest from the community, we recruit and compensate a token founder to lead the project further.

What We Believe.

XIO is built on three core beliefs.


We believe in building passionate communities at scale. Each token we develop is dropped directly to our XIO Citizens.


We believe innovation is born out of the consistent collaboration of positive people from all over the world.


We believe opportunity is discovered through the rapid experimentation and exploration of unorthodox ideas.

Who We Are.

XIO is a community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and problem solvers from all over the world. We are the Citizens of the XIO Network.

XIO Archive.

We try to be as transparent as possible in everything we do and invite Citizens into all aspects of the development process. The XIO Archive is an on-going database of any and all XIO content.