1. XIO is not performing an ICO or raising any upfront capital.
  2. 100% of the circulating supply will be distributed to Bomb Token (BOMB) holders.
  3. On September 1st, a snapshot will be taken of all Bomb Token (BOMB) holders.
  4. For every 1 (BOMB) token held in your possession, you are eligible to receive 25 XIO Tokens.
  5. The XIO Tokens will originally be ERC-20 tokens and sent to your Ethereum Wallet.
  6. Within the weeks following the BombDrop, XIO will open a Binance Bridge that allows for the conversion of ERC-20 to Binance DEX.
  7. All XIO tokens MUST be converted. If you don’t convert, you will lose access to your XIO tokens
  8. In itself, XIO will be the first token to ever perform and Exclusive Incubator Offering.