Earn instant upfront interest on ERC tokens while supporting the next generation of up-and-coming blockchain startups



In short, the XIO Dapp is like Uniswap but for staking instead of swapping. Users can search through various tokens or startups they want to support and lock their tokens.



XIO is a flashstaking protocol powered by the $XIO token. Instead of waiting for rewards, users can earnΒ instant upfront interest on various ERC tokens.



Instead of going to a crypto exchange, users visit the XIO Dapp and search for blockchain projects they want to support.


Instead of trading or risking assets, users choose to lock (stake) their tokens for a specific amount of time.


Instead of waiting for interest, the user earns instant and upfront tokens from the project they are supporting.


XIO is just getting started and we have a huge vision for the future. Here are the top four developments to look out for over the next few years.


To protect against price volatility, future development of XIO will allow users to stake any ERC token asset including stable coins like DAI, USDC, and USDT.


We believe security tokens are the future. XIO aims to on-board the next generation of traditional equities into the decentralized world.


Private Portals give founding teams full control of their XIO experience by allowing them to set their own interest rates or whitelisting requirements.


Similar to the Maker governance model using MKR tokens, the goal of XIO is to be 100% governed, managed, and developed by XIO token holders called Citizens.


XIO Labs is a decentralized marketing, development, and consulting agency created to help blockchain projects scale. Using $XIO as the exclusive payment and settlement currency for all services offered, XIO Labs operates 100% autonomously with zero commissions or middle-man fees.

Zachary Dash

DeFi + Liquidity + Tokenomics + Community

I am Zachary Dash, the Creator of XIO and father of Bomb Token. Passionate about connecting the world with new visions of reality.

Benjamin Lea

Smart Contracts + Auditing + Development + Documentation

I am Benjamin Lea, a natural problem solver with a lifelong passion for engineering and security, as well as a more recent-found passion for blockchain.

My background and formal training in low-level hardware and software design, and experience with high reliability and safety critical systems gives me a skill-set that is ideally suited to blockchain development.

Dapps in the wild:

Wrapped BOMB token (WBOMB). A 'wrapper' for BOMB token to improve compatibility with other decentralised applications whilst still retaining core BOMB functionality.

WBOMB Liquidity Rewards. A staking dapp that time-locks uniswap liquidity in return for a dynamic but pre-determined reward at the end of the stake period.

Advisory Offered:
πŸš€ Token/Smart Contract feasibility and applicability - Let's discuss the best way to apply blockchain to your startup.
πŸš€ Token/Smart Contract preliminary audit - I can advise on security and exploitability, gas usage optimisation, best practices, adherence to coding standards, and more.
πŸš€ Smart Contract / Dapp Design and Development: Let's bring your idea to life on the Ethereum blockchain.
πŸš€ Front End Development: Let's connect your Dapp to the world.
πŸš€ Technical Documentation: High quality technical documentation and diagrams

Shingo Lavine

Corporate Structure + Blockchain Technology + Planning, Modeling & Strategy

I am Shingo Lavine, founder of Ethos.io and director at investvoyager.com. I'm a builder, investor and advisor and am passionate about helping others make big ideas come to life.

Advisory Offered:
πŸš€ Corporate Structure: Finding ways to make the corporate structure fit your requirements
πŸš€ Blockchain Technology: Helping you navigate blockchain technology and architect technology that solves your business needs
πŸš€ Planning, Modeling & Strategy: Helping you craft a strategy & plan which leads to sustainable and successful businesses

Steve Edwards

Databases + APIs + Backend + Software

I am Steve Edwards, a software programmer that has built 100s of software applications, databases, and websites over the last 25 years, with a passion for helping solve other people’s problems.

Specializes in custom solutions to: backend software, databases, APIs, scripts, website development, and software programming. Uses: ASP.net, C#, SQL, Bootstrap, SVN, Cloudflare, and Amazon EC2/S3 for most projects.

Advisory and Services offered:
πŸš€ If it is website, database, or software related, I’m happy to consult with you to find out your needs to determine if I am a good fit to help you with your problem and can give advice or provide solutions.
πŸš€ Website: UI/UX and Front End, Back End and Administrative Functionality, Authentication and User Management, Tracking and Analytics, Shopping Carts and Ecommerce, custom Forms and Surveys.
πŸš€ Databases: Converting your Business’s manual efforts into a single database, migrating old databases into a new more efficient schema, scripts, backups, custom data solutions for website interactivity and storage, improve existing efficiencies of normalization, indexes, and query speed
πŸš€ APIs: Create webservice endpoints to provide customized business data accessible online, password protection, logging, creating new or improving existing webservice calls for getting/posting data
πŸš€ WinForms: Backend administrative software for PCs for managing business data via APIs or Databases, auto updated from new code deployments
πŸš€ Scripts: Automated programs that run on a schedule on a server to perform various tasks: data maintenance, backups, send emails

Alasholuyi Charles Kehinde

Community Management + Data Analysis

I am Alasholuyi Charles Kehinde, I am passionate about blockchain projects that understand the needs of its audience and are always adding value by fulfilling these expectations. In this course of my career both in crypto space and outside of crypto, I have developed huge interest in insights generation and data analysis.

Community Manager Service Offered
πŸš€ Insights Generation: Understanding what motivates users to come on board a particular blockchain project, and remain loyal and passionate, and of course vice-versa.
πŸš€ Data Analysis: Providing measurable input about community activities including blockchain interactions.
πŸš€ Community Management: Providing support for the community including answering enquiries, resolving issues promptly and satisfactorily, etc.

Daryl Lau

Tokenomics + Product + Investing

I am Daryl Lau, a research analyst for CoinGecko. I have helped countless teams over the years with product and tokenomic ideas as well as incentive planning.

Advisory offered
- Product: Finding the right way to showcase products and focus UX.
- Incentives : Planning out Incentive models for products to create a positive feedback loop
- Tokenomics : Redesigning token utility to create value accrual and actual utility.
- Investments: Let's have a chat on valuations and Fundamentals investments

Mark Jacobsen

UI/UX + Marketing + Communication

I am Mark Jacobsen and I am the founder of Crypto Leagues, a free-to-play cryptocurrency investment game that is on a mission to introduce new consumers to the blockchain space. I have a background in experience design and communication and I am passionate about utilizing the blockchain ledger technology to disrupt and help innovate industries.

Advisory Offered
πŸš€ UX & UI: Optimize the user experience and user interface of digital products.
πŸš€ Marketing: Leverage persuasive design and experience design with traditional social media marketing to get more eyes on your product.
πŸš€ Communication: Content marketing that provides value to the reader and acts as a stepping stone to onboard new users.

Ty Daniel Smith

Growth + Influencers + SEO + PR + PPC

I’m Ty Daniel Smith. I’m an experienced cryptocurrency marketing agency owner who has helped some of blockchain’s most well-known companies grow their brand and acquire new users.

Advisory offered:
πŸš€ Help strategize, plan, and execute growth campaigns that move your project to the next level
πŸš€ Influencers
πŸš€ Publishers
πŸš€ SEO
πŸš€ PPC
πŸš€ PR

Clayton Roche

Token Architect

I am Clayton Roche, I'm an econ nerd who woke up in crypto land. Head of Community Development with @UMAprotocol/ Outspoken @ https://fb.com/groups/joindefi/

Advisory Offered
πŸš€ Token Architecture
πŸš€ Mechanism design and game theory
πŸš€ Economic research & expansion strategy
πŸš€ Community outreach and education

Eric Bal

Marketing + Branding + UX

Passionate about the brand and the digital, I strived for almost 15 years in a top digital agency to offer experiences out of the ordinary to brands and their consumers. I bring my vision and expertise in a sector driven by acquisition tactics (that all look similar to each other), and that often leave aside the building of the brand and the creation of both value and emotions for the user

ICObench advisor. Advisor for Bounty0x, Universal Reward Protocol, Connect.

See my vision: https://medium.com/@Ericbal/5-reasons-why-most-crypto-projects-are-doing-sh-in-their-communication-6a400cc39c02

Advisory offered:
πŸš€ Marketing : understand your targets (customers and investors) and find your market and product fit.
πŸš€ Branding : create a real brand to build more than just another crypto service and create real engagement. Spread it to acquire new customers.
πŸš€ UX : a great idea with a poor execution is pointless. Imagine a real user experience on top of your hidden technical stuff.

Austin Merricks

Operations + Partnerships

I am Austin Merricks, the Co-Creator and COO of XIO.

Advisory Offered
πŸš€ Operations and Company Structure
πŸš€ Partnerships
πŸš€ Token Distributions

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Services offered:
πŸš€ Help strategize, plan, and execute growth campaigns that move your project to the next level
πŸš€ Influencers
πŸš€ Publishers
πŸš€ SEO
πŸš€ PPC
πŸš€ PR



Blockchain Development Agency

Xord provides various Blockchain-based solutions and Blockchain Development services. We build enterprise-grade Blockchain solutions for government, organizations, and individuals. We specialize in:

πŸš€ Smart Contract Development
πŸš€ Smart Contract Auditing
πŸš€ Decentralized Applications (DApps) Development
πŸš€ Enterprise Blockchain Solution
πŸš€ Cryptocurrency Exchange Development
πŸš€ Blockchain as a Service
πŸš€ Crypto wallet development
πŸš€ Stable Coin Development
πŸš€ KYC Blockchain Development
πŸš€ P2P Exchange Development

At Xord aim for the smoothest development and deployment strategies, that inculcate trust and reliance between us and businesses. Click the link below to see a full list of our services.